[HawaExpo]#Networking_cocktail: The Quintessence of Vietnam


– Time: 16:30 – 2023 Feb 23

– Location: Lobby Hall A – SECC 799 Nguyen Van Linh St, Tan Phu Ward, District 7, HCMC

– Networking Cocktail is available for buyers, exhibitors and limited guests.


More than a business pairing event, the Networking Cocktail series at HawaExpo is promised to bring extraordinary experience for both visitors and exhibitors, right in the heart of the fair hall.

Opening with Networking Cocktail under “The quintessence of Vietnam” theme, business connections will be level up by the overwhelming beauty of Vietnamese Culture Heritage through a unique open setting. Also, this type of event is firstly brought to hundreds of invited exhibitors, buyers at a domestic furniture international fair, thanks to the proud collaboration between HAWA organizers, Hochiminh City Tourism Association, and the sponsorship of Vasta Stone.



– Strengthen relationships through in-person connections, uplift friendship connections in very delicate environment, right after a hard working day at the fair.

– Enjoy premium original Vietnamese apricot wine and ginseng, thanks to the sponsored by the Casta business and Forever Spring wine brand

– Enjoy a spectrum of delicious traditional dishes, which together make a symphony of delightfully textured, variant local ingredients and the art of simplicity, that only can be found in Vietnam

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