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Saigon Vibes

After a hard and productive day’s work, let’s pace ourselves to a networking cocktail with the theme of Saigon Vibes.

The soul of this party is to recreate the vibrant nightlife of Saigon with the street familiar vendor voice and street stalls, bustling filled with people eating, drinking together and sharing a glass of cool beer after a long day.

With very familiar Saigon dishes such as Fresh spring roll, Grilled dry Squis, Fried Rice with cotton ball, Rice paper mix, Dried beef salad etc… and a beer served with street style, you’re sure to have an enjoyable time.

Saigon vibes is also reflected by the layout of the common space and the structure of the banquet hall. In that atmosphere, it is indispensable for today’s modern, vibrant and youthful music.

Come join us to strengthen existing relationships, allow for the expansion of new business connections in the Wood & Furniture industry and finally have a fun and effective time after a day’s work. Great connections come with great business results.


4:30pmWelcoming Guests
5:00pmRemarks by Sponsor
5:10pmCocktail Reception with playing musical instrument foods

Co Organizers:

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Blum, the world’s leading manufacturer of fittings from Austria produces top-quality lift, hinge, pull-out and pocket systems for furniture and provides appropriate services and assembly devices.
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