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The Quintessense of Vietnam

Networking Cocktail is an initiative in the series of connecting activities that helps exhibitors and buyers meet and build relationships. Not only is the open-air setting ideal for attendees to unwind after a long day at work, but other Vietnamese brands can also promote their unique products to visitors.

The organizer would like to honour the quintessence and values of Vietnamese culture to the world through drink and food, which is why the theme “The Quintessence of Vietnam” was chosen. Vietnamese sizzling pancake, Little cake, Spring rolls, Bot chien (rice flour cake), other sweet desserts, and pre-cut fresh fruits will be served…. The food will be served in a vintage Quang ganh basket, a popular image of women carrying this useful tool in Vietnam, and waiters will move the Quang ganh to invite guests to enjoy it.

Furthermore, this appropriate location adheres to the cottage style, one of the original featured models, and reappear the rural landscape to create cozy, homely spaces. Visitors can sample an apricot or a ginseng flavored wine that transitions to a subtly sweet, tartness, and a full body, making it ideal for sipping on a warm day.

Enjoy this moment and strengthen relationships through in-person connections, bringing a diverse community of the most influential business leaders in wooden product makers. And don’t miss the live music at here. Come and join us for Networking Cocktail and bring your ticket invitation!


4:30pmWelcoming Guests
5:00pmRemarks by Sponsor
5:10pmCocktail Reception with playing musical instrument

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Vasta Stone – Proudly made in Vietnam Vasta Stone embodies the concept of being part of the design process allowing designers to create freely and apply direction to create spaces with a unique aesthetic dimension and beauty.
 Unique and customised furnishings take direction from architects and designers in creating renewed atmospheres and to establish focal points which do not interfere with their backgrounds. Conceptual ideas can be transformed into design elements which facilitate a transition between interiors, exteriors and spaces.

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